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~ Tuesday, October 21 ~
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ok i have an idea

message me a made up title of a mixtape/playlist and i have to pick 5 to 10 songs i think would go on it

go on


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}}}} the—northface said: jonny plus juliette the dog!


}}}} the—northface said: jonny plus juliette the dog!

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  • my friend can’t stop talking about how they want to set me up with their other friend so we start texting each other and they’re hilarious but shy about meeting and ALSO there’s a cute bike delivery guy who brings my mail at work and winks at me whenever i sign for a package AU
  • i’m obsessed with a food blogger who writes about cheap ways to be gourmet in your 20s and i flirt with them over comments but they never post pictures of their face and ALSO there’s a really cute grocery bagger at the store down the street who teases me and always asks to join me for dinner and i definitely want to say yes AU
  • there’s an overnight IT person at school who always answers the phone when i call about a problem with my computer and i totally have a crush on their voice and their exasperation and ALSO the bakery down the street is always running out of my fave scones and the adorable person behind the counter can’t hide their amusement and i think it’s super rude but also super cute AU
  • my boss is always telling me how perfect her son would be for me and she promises he’s coming to the next holiday party and don’t worry he’s heard all about me too and ALSO there’s this dude i slept with once a couple of months ago and sometimes he still sends me dick pics when i ask him to at 3 in the morning cause seriously dude’s got a good dick AU
  • our kids are bitter rivals and the only time we ever meet is when we’re both called to the principal’s office and whatever maybe i think you’re kind of cute but your kid’s a monster and ALSO someone keeps buying the last everything bagel at my favorite coffee shop 2 minutes before i get there in the morning and has heard about my plight and has started leaving me bragging notes about it AU
  • i hired a dog walking company and i’ve never met the person who comes to my apartment but they leave me really cute notes and they give my dog presents and i kind of love them because my dog does and ALSO one of the artists at this gallery opening is hella cute and i want them to paint me like one of their french girls AU


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Tags: why must u people do you realize i will never ever pass up a reblog? and that this is on my blog at least 20 times? jfc i'm trying to go to BED here folks
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sooooo i had no idea this cover existed. bc i have still refused to branch out to more patti beyond the horses album (and because the night) bc i’m like, terrified of being let down. as i def will be. and then i found it while randomly clicking her pandora station and now i’m done for. fffffff.

Tags: music !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't like i listened to neil's version on a fucking loop for two days straight after The Last Waltz and i might need to do the same here
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~ Monday, October 20 ~
Tags: oh my god oh my god look at that happy FACE FAVORITE HUMAN Jonathan Toews captain of my heart that fucking watermark is tragic (in case anyone was wondering i literally kermit flailed at this)
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things i just realized: nowhere to go is the grown-up, lesbian version of backstreets. 

Tags: hi help i'm having 'sarah makes a playlist' feelings why does ANYONE ever let me have feelings jfc old abandoned beach houses become old abandoned boxcars and there is still slow dancing


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Black-clad Eddie…so sexy

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